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With TV Club 10, we point you toward the 10 episodes that best represent a TV series, classic or modern.If you watch these 10, you’ll have a better idea of what that series was about, without having to watch the whole thing.

As of its August 2015 “finale” on Teen Nick, the series had amassed 14 seasons, 385 half-hour episodes, and a handful of non-canonical specials, outpacing Cheers, Law & Order: SVU, and other long-running primetime staples.

And that’s just the series that debuted as Degrassi: The Next Generation in 2001; start adding in previous iterations of the franchise and the numbers become overwhelming.

Oh, and getting your period in the middle of class is super embarrassing, but all you need is a BFF to have your back (literally) and you'll be fine.

And who could forget the age-old proverb, "No bracelet is worth gonorrhea." But perhaps the biggest lesson "Degrassi" taught us about life is that no matter how awkward you look in middle school, you will grow up to be super effing hot.

In August 2007, Miriam appeared alongside Amanda Stepto and Stefan Brogren on the Canadian edition of Reader's Digest.

She is also an accomplished dancer, as well as a professional yoga instructor.

Liberty was the show's original nerd back in season 1.

She was a goody two-shoes who was way more interested in acing her science test than boys.

Which "TNG" stars were the Neville Longbottoms of Degrassi High?

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