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Then kiss your girlfriend on the cheek when you say goodbye.Would you give your sister a long and passionate kiss before you walk away?

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“As far as God is concerned, all unmarried people are bound to the standards of purity he has defined in the neighbor relationship …

We are not sanctioned to invent a new category of male-female relationships, only to remove ourselves from God’s guidelines in the process.” If she isn’t your wife and she isn’t a blood relative, she is your neighbor.

The authors say, “ But is such a narrow understanding of sexual relations legitimate?

” There is little doubt that some activities constitute sexual activity.

Thus, the Bible’s perspective on sexual purity within the neighbor relationship can be detailed as follows: sexual relations are prohibited.” At this point I think most of us will agree.

The Bible teaches there must be sexual relations between a husband and wife and there must be sexual relations between anyone except a husband and wife.There are at least two reasons: a healthy sexual relationship guards against infidelity and, more importantly, “the physical oneness that results from sex between a husband and wife is an image of the spiritual oneness that results from our union with Christ.” Sex is a necessary component of the deepest meaning of the marriage relationship. “And it is here the Bible resolves for us much of the ambiguity regarding sexual purity between unmarried men and women.” The authors look to 1 Corinthians 7:7-9 to show how Paul states without ambiguity that “the marriage relationship is the only legitimate context for sexual relations” for if a person has strong sexual desire, he or she is to marry rather than succumb to sin.“What is plainly stated here in this passage is the assumed standard of sexual propriety seen throughout both the Old and New Testaments.But a question remains: What constitutes sexual relations?What exactly can a boyfriend and girlfriend or an engaged couple do in that pre-marriage state?Now that I am a little bit older and have children who are marching toward the age where they will begin to form relationships, I am very eager to adopt a position like this one (and, more urgently, to have my children adopt it! I continue to ponder it, but have initially found it consistent with biblical principles and appreciate that it brings objective biblical truth to bear instead of relying on cultural norms or personal preferences.

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