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Correlations among the scales and with other instruments provide good indications regarding the validity of the QMCER. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Differing provisions from the publisher's actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable.

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None of these subjects were willing to accept an actual date.

It was noted that race may be a stronger rival to attractiveness relative to the more abstract factors with which attractiveness has been compared, because race, like attractiveness, is highly concrete and visible.

We used a sample (N = 242) of Latter-day Saint (LDS) young single adults.

In general, our results support the idea that both physical attractiveness and attachment dimensions are important for understanding romantic relationship formation and dating processes.

We test theoretical arguments developed by Hazan and Diamond (2000) suggesting that attachment theory presents a more parsimonious theory of mate selection than Buss’ sexual strategies theory.

We hypothesized that physical attractiveness and indicators of attachment anxiety and avoidance would be related to mate choice variables (e.g., number of first dates, and the probability of entering into an exclusive relationship in a 32-week period).

This possibility was explored in two experiments involving "desirability for a date" ratings of black and white stimulus persons who varied in attractiveness.

Experiment 1 results indicated that white male and female subjects gave appreciable weight to race and attractiveness, but females gave race more weight than attractiveness, while attractiveness was given more weight than race by males.

The author acknowledges with gratitude the advice and encouragement of the members of his dissertation committee: James Tedeschi, Joseph Steger, and Fred Tesch.

Thanks are also due Gilbert Geis for his comments on earlier drafts of the manuscript anl to Robley Geis and the La Cañada Unified School District for providing the pictures of the females employed in the study.

Research on terror management theory has shown that both factors shield against death anxieties, indicating difficulties for dissimilar and intergroup couples.

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