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What they are talking about are snapstreaks on Snapchat, whereby users send their friends a Snapchat each day and see how many days they can keep it going for. It's an ingenious function by the social media company."We Snapchat each other every day," says Katie."Once Amelia and I lost on day 478."It's so important to keep the streak that they even find sneaky ways to keep it in check."I used to log into Katie's account when she was away," says Amelia."I gave her my password so she could keep it [the streak] up," said Katie.

And it's totally bad when someone intentionally breaks it."This one time Katie was really mad at me and she wasn't speaking to me for ages.

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He says the demand that will only increase in the coming years."Providing really high speed coverage everywhere has really changed the behaviour and demands [of mobile users].

We have been testing completely unlimited data plans and people go crazy," he said.

It's to the point that there isn't a moment where they don't have their mobiles with them."I take my phone to the toilet, to the kitchen, everywhere," admitted Liv."I wouldn't leave the house without it," says Amelia.

"It's with me 24/7.""You freak out when the battery is at 1%," says Katie."Every time I'm near a charger — in the car or at home — I plug it in," says Liv.

Well, I use it for work and school and that's about it," said Katie."Instagram stories are pointless. It's trying to take over Snapchat and they're not going to.

Snapchat is too big.""And I don't get Twitter," said Liv."Me either," agreed Amelia."People don't use it [Twitter], unless you're a fan girl and want to message famous people," said Katie.Amelia was the exception, making 17 in a day."In terms of calling and messaging, I call people more than I text people," said Katie."And I only i Message people anyway so it's using the internet."So how is this impacting the telcos?It's this exact behaviour that has telco execs nervous.Speaking at the Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum in Tokyo, attended by our tech editor Tony Yoo, Jesper Oldenburg, mobile strategy & technology vice president at Denmark's TDC Group, said escalating data consumption has telcos trying to figure out how to provide sufficient mobile capacity.For anyone older than Generation Z this may sound completely foreign — as it did to me — but it's something they take very seriously, and even plays a major role in their relationships.

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