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Actually, the word religion derives from the Latin religare, “to connect”, indicating the relationship that connects the individual with the rest of the universe – in other words, the meaning and purpose of human life.

So we can safely say that human life starts when one asks about its meaning and purpose, and becomes engaged in the process of evolution.

Many people have heard about the Kama sutra, but generally the ideas that circulate are rather distorted, vague and confused by ignorance and prejudice.

Such prejudice is mostly due to the cultural superimposition of layers of prude bigotry and self-righteous moralism brought by iconoclastic Islamic dominators frist and by Victorian British Christians later.

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Enforced by the abrahamic invaders, the wholesale condemnation of the intrinsic beauty and joy of the natural form and activities of the body, effectively destroyed the Vedic expressions of beauty and joy, or covered them with the thick plaster of shame.

And that’s not simply a manner of speaking: the plaster physically obliterated many artistic masterpieces of sculpture, as for example those that used to decorate the temple of Jagannatha at Puri.

The Kama shastra is a perfect example of this happy, healthy and natural balance.

The text starts by carefully explaining about the four religious purposes of life: dharma (ethical behavior, virtue and duty), artha (acquisition of valuable things), kama (sense gratification) and moksha (liberation from material identifications and attachments).

It is said that human life starts with religion – religion is what distinguishes us from animals. Animals, too, engage in the basic and instinctive activities of eating, sleeping, defending themselves, mating and raising a family, and having a social life.

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