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English-mostly, or English-only globalization means that the very word of “humanities” is un-American, uncommon and antiquated, “foreign” and for the most part unwelcome, whether explicitly or not.

I would argue the same fate for the more common label of the “liberal arts.” Liberal?

The visual culture, teenage culture, beach culture… In serious moments of genuine budget crisis, across-the-board downsizing and reconfiguration of what still amounts to be called “university knowledge,” multilingual humanities are weathering the storm, ever so precariously.

There is an unmistakable desemanticization, a lazy lip, a non-descript way of saying one supple thing, or nothing in particular, that may cover many manifestations. It is always a humbling exercise to remember the etymology of “university:” the institution that theoretically fosters access to a totality or universe, and there will be more than one.

A Spanish degree will not be pursued for the most part either.

Most American students will never go beyond intermediate levels in Spanish, barely reaching complex-sentence structure to ossify soon after.

But, how far can you go in this clean-slate making of any collectivity?

Again, another example, world football or “soccer,” as in the World Cup competition last year, or the Champions League 2011 currently happening while I am writing these pages; clearly one –if not the– biggest world sports competition out there in the true sense of “world,” or international platform with teams and players from many different nationalities, and obscene amounts of money.

Why the candle when I have the lighter in my pocket? Remember the Nietzschean repudiation of antiquarianism, the deliberate forgetfulness as a strong form of vengeance against morbid old forms of no vitality.

And you may wish to remember the forgetting about most things European that your family left behind to become something new, call it American.

Does this lack of orientation and obliviousness feel like flexibility and liberation?

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