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Terus got her number from webmaster and contacted her.

She replied and after agreeing on the price, we set the time and […] An Amazing evening with Lin !! Add her on my wechat, immediately she message me asking who am I and where I got her phone number. […] Relaxing Evening with Lin By: Alex This happen a few weeks ago. When the day comes, Lin messaged me that she is finally […] 22yrs mixed NL amoi – Alysa(pic) Master:Desmond *** Alysa Photo(8 pcs), please click here!

So I told her etc and she replied when I’m going to come over. Got her contact from a friend and been eager to try her after reading her good reviews. [Golden Key] *** New car, still no FR, who want to try? I made appointment to meet her at her place in Taman Megah PJ.

Make a appointment with her on 2pm […] Hani Klang – Proper massage with proper CIM(pic) Master: Ein *** Hani Photo(1 pcs), please click here! Got her contact for quite some time but never bothered to try her previously as I understand from other bros that her location was just way too far. Name: Alysa Race: NL mix CKT Age: 22岁 Boobs: 38B Damage: RM 400 per shot Location: Kepong Category: NL MILF BBW NL LISA(pic) Master: Nadar *** Lisa Photo(1 pcs), please click here!

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Honey Hani(pic) Master: Ahmad *** Hani Photo(1 pcs), please click here!

[Golden Key] *** Got Hani number from a fren who used to hunt Milf last December 2016.

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