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One day you realise that you are someone who gives too much in the wrong situations or to the wrong people and that you’re being mistaken for a doormat who doesn’t know when to fold and get the hell out of there.

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When you’re hungry for love, attention, affection, friendship etc, when you meet someone, you can be so high on the possibilities that you rush around doing an excessive amount of stuff that looks particularly odd in the context of hardly knowing someone and then something happens that brings you back down to earth with a bump and it can feel difficult to recover from the giving hangover.

There is something critical that gets forgotten by people who have the equivalent of an Overactive Giving Thyroid – if you keep giving blindly because you’re focused on trying to fill up a void within you and to generate a tipping point, you do not get a chance to truly see what the other person is about nor do you truly get to see what their Since I first wrote Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl, I’ve read thousands of stories via email and comments where the person was so in love with being in love, or focused on getting the commitment or validation, or in their own little illusionary world doing all this giving to build their ‘future’ together that they didn’t realise that the other person on board. Over-giving clouds out the other person – you’ll know who they are and what they’re about if you slow your giving roll.

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In some instances, it can literally be giving with a view to the other person doing exactly what you want.

When it all blows up and you end up reminding them of what you’ve given, the other person can get very defensive.

It can even cross into you inadvertently attempting to guilt them into coughing up what they ‘owe’ – “I gave you eleven years…” or “If I’d known that you weren’t going to do _____, I wouldn’t have done _______.” the excessive giving is enough.

You overdo it because you’re attempting to create a tipping point where the other person will reciprocate and match you and you’ll basically get a return on your investment.

The further away from the situation that you are, the stronger you'll get." width="403" height="390" / giving.

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