Red zone chat

By default, this window will appear on the left side of your screen, just above the standard location of your primary chat window.This window may be moved around and even closed at will.

Red zone chat-38Red zone chat-70

You can still leave a hidden trade channel using Leave Channel By Name("Trade") but you can only join it again inside capital city walls.

It also only appears in Get Channel List() when you are in a capital city.

If you send a msg to a party or use the /p command the chat becomes party the next time you open the chat box.

That's because PARTY chat is sticky as opposed to channel chat where if you type in a channel the next time you open the edit box with enter or / it will be on the last sticky type you were using before you chatted in a channel.

It changes when you move between zones and is represented without its zone suffix.

The normal Mask channels are 'General', 'Trade', 'Looking For Group' or 'Local Defense'.In custom channels, when a current channel owner leaves, automatic ownership/moderation will be transferred to the character with the next highest 'seniority,' which will be the first person in the channel user listing.One of the default channels that is different for each zone.Note that when you log in the channels you were in are rejoined, but Wo W doesn't necessarily know what order they were in. In general the server channels are joined in the following order by Wo W: '1. Remember that you can use normal Windows controls (Shift Click and Ctrl Click) to select multiple decks for import. Automatic Deck Saving automatically saves each change you make to a deck or a binder to our servers.

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