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Ian must try to save the town and his girlfriend, Karen and determine whether the sword-wielding stalker is their clownish classmate, Brody in costume, or the dark rider himself. STacey Keach and Eileen Brennan are also in this and I really loved those actors because it gives the film a more "legend" feel,, our main character a teenage boy finds out he is the great great grandson of Ichabod Crane, so dealing with that , him and a bunch of other teens see a Headless Horseman riding through town,, they have to figure out if the legend is real or is it one of their classmates playing a prank,, this was a fairly good movie,, I didn't have too many complaints.

Fortunately, Kinesix’s Sammi software has made it possible for Vancouver to do just that, offering capabilities that meet very demanding requirements." -"Because of its ease-of-use and sophisticated graphics, Sammi enables our workstations on the ground to effortlessly process telemetry from our satellites in space.

The Italian director Ruggero Deodato was charged after rumors that the depictions of the killing of the main actors in his film Cannibal Holocaust (1980) were real.

He was able to clear himself of the charges after the actors made an appearance in court.

The first known use of the term "snuff movie" is in a 1971 book by Ed Sanders, The Family: The Story of Charles Manson's Dune Buggy Attack Battalion.

He alleges that The Manson Family was involved in making such a film in California to record their murders.

Wanting badly to know his real father, Jan leaves the house, only coming back after Khun Luang's daughter falls pregnant out of wedlock.

Jan does a favor to his 'father' by marrying her, even though he is deeply in love with the mistress.

Healthcare continues to be a prime target for hackers.

This webinar covers the security challenges facing executives and IT professionals tasked with protecting sensitive data and critical systems...

The concept of "snuff films" being made for profit became more widely known with the commercial film Snuff (1976).

This low-budget exploitation horror film, originally entitled Slaughter, was directed by Michael and Roberta Findlay.

In addition, Sammi's sophisticated graphics make the data easy to read and understand." -"The CSA chose to update to the Linux-based version of Sammi — a choice that allowed them to save thousands of dollars and man-hours.

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