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Born on February 8, 1985, he was known as the oldest member of Paramore.

He has done small projects for other artists, including rapper B.o. It was announced in late 2015 that Davis had decided to leave the band, leaving Williams and York to continue as a duo.

While out of the band, Davis become a pizza deliverer and knife seller.

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His parents separated when he was young, leaving Davies to relocate to Kansas with his mother until the mid-1970s, when she died of lupus.

He went to live with his father and his stepmother in Santa Barbara, California, before moving to Rockford, Iowa in 1986, where he completed high school.

Davies appeared as a main cast member on Lost during its fourth and fifth seasons (2008–09), playing Daniel Faraday, an amnesiac physicist who comes to the island as part of a team hired by Charles Widmore.

He guest starred in three episodes in Lost's sixth season.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White might not be competing in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, but they’re definitely not retired.

The reigning Ice Dance Olympic champions won’t be competing in the upcoming games, but aren’t talking about retirement from the sport at all.

Davies is Jeremy's mother's maiden name, which he adopted as his professional name.

He has a brother, Joshua, and two half-siblings, Zachery and Katrina, from his father's second marriage.

Upham in Saving Private Ryan and the physicist Daniel Faraday on the television series Lost.

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