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Dating and Relationship Expert and Author Renessa Rios and Body Language and Presentation Expert Kerstin O’Shields have put together a Flirting, Attraction and Chemistry Class to support you on your dates and creating a healthy and happy relationship with a loving partner.

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The men who’s success and achievement made a dent in the universe. And I burned it into my brain, like I was downloading it. And now I can download my ‘Unstoppable’ formula into your brain. Keep reading, I’m about to show you a , that gives you the SWAGGER, ABUNDANCE, CONFIDENCE and PROSPERITY of men like Jay Z, George Clooney, Richard Branson and Brad Pitt. Not just with money but in business, women, relationships, career, everything. The PRESENCE that let’s men know they need to take you seriously… To activate the qualities in you that will turn you into the successful man that women find INSPIRING and other men all want to be. Do you think it’s an accident that you and millions of other men know my name, read my emails and buy my programs? My father taught me zero about business and left me nothing but bad memories. The only way I could have transformed my life, changed my destiny and became wildly successful with money, women, career, in life, was by using the ‘Unstoppable’ formula. I just got it but already things have started to change. YOU are going to be a man of wealth, a man of substance, a man of destiny. ‘Unstoppable’ is my brand new “Done-For-You” transformational program that downloads the secret of the world’s most successful men — the women, money, career, the success, the life …

A formula for living with never-ending success, to go higher and higher, to be ‘Unstoppable’ in all aspects of my life. The MAGNETISM that makes women sit up, fix their hair and check their make-up… You think it’s an accident that guy became world famous for helping millions of men find their power — conquer their fear and attract the hottest women around? I’ve been to 2 boot camps, and own Men’s Mastery and Own the Room’ among other DW winners!

From a young age, the images we are fed in the media and in life, lead us to believe that the most powerful men in our world, the mavericks, the game changers, are who they are because of money, looks and fame. Bruce Springsteen, a working class kid from New Jersey grew up believing he was “just plain ugly”. Jay Z, a poor kid from Bed-Stuy, the worst section of Brooklyn, was raised by his mom and sold crack-cocaine to pay his bills. Yet they ALL came from extremely humble beginnings. I’m not talking about some digital download that just sits on your computer and you never open it. But I want to warn you, this program is not for beginners.

It’s actually not your fault that you have this belief, but it’s holding you back from being the man you’re destined to be. I challenged myself to give you my formula: to make it foolproof, “done for you” so it not only delivers the incredible riches you crave – but also gives you the swagger, the women, the life-style you want and you deserve.

It was way too small, contacted customer service and they said that shirt runs small and asked what size I thought she'd need. No hassle, don't even have to send the old shirt back.

Most people believe these men achieved that kind of extreme success because of things like money, looks, and connections. These are things in your life that seem like a disadvantage but are actually . The other day I walked into Starbucks and every single head turned to check me out! As a bonus, I’ll throw in the complete ‘Unstoppable’ audio system so you can listen on your i Pod or Smart Phone whenever you want. Each time you listen it drives the message, the training deeper into your psyche. Spend the weekend with me because as a bonus you’ll get a free ticket to my seminar, flexing those new muscles you found in Unstoppable role-playing and connecting with beautiful single women actively looking for a man like you.

If you want my deep personal secrets, for the definitive Wygant success and lifestyle…

Then, I walked to the Laundromat to wash my dirty clothes but realized I had no money. Bill Clinton’s mother told him they were ‘poor, white, trash’. Richard Branson struggled badly with dyslexia and had to drop out of school when he was 16 years old. These are the richest, most charismatic, dynamic, successful men in the world. This is my ultimate VIP coaching program for my inner circle. And DOWNLOAD into your sub-conscious my formula for money, swagger, charisma, confidence easily over the course of 48 unbelievable days.

and you become a powerful man who grabs life by the balls, a rock star in your own life. The less you have to begin with, the faster YOU can achieve the kind of success you probably thought was out of your reach. I’m going to teach you about something called a ‘desirable difficulty’. In fact, the more of them you have, the faster and easier it is for you to become wildly successful. I’m 44 and never thought my self image and confidence would change so drastically. Then you need to rush inside to the ‘Unstoppable’ Private Member’s area… Click the button down the page to make the most important investment in yourself and join the rest of the action-takers inside here today! When we eventually open ‘Unstoppable’ to the public the retail price will be 97 (if you can get in).

So your life is overflowing with cash, influence, power, women… Bruce Springsteen, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jay Z and others like Barak Obama, Charles Schwab, Frank Sinatra, Bill Clinton, Colonel Sanders, Benjamin Franklin and even first president George Washington had ‘desirable difficulties’ that enabled them to become wildly successful. If you want other conversations to stop when you start to speak… This is the most important message you will ever read because I’m going to give you the key. How do you think I transformed myself from an awkward, gangly guy who was such a failure with women, I had to transfer colleges because all the girls called me “Johnny One Pump”? Honestly it couldn’t be easier and it feels like I have DW as my private coach! Has there always been something in the back of your mind telling you… and brings everything you want to You (Private clients pay 10K to spend the day with me) …think you have what it takes? I let a few guys watch the filming of this entire program live and they paid 9K.

Understanding the power of, and strategically applying, personal presence in conjunction with a heightened awareness of those around you will allow you to create and manage a space around you that will capture the attention of others and instill trust in you and your message.“After attending Renessa’s flirting class and trying her secret moves on men I was attracted to, I had 6 men ask me for my number in one night! I did not know how men really think about dating, or how to really create a conversation with men.

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