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Surf Hat: Despite the fact that most mornings in Peru start off pretty cool and foggy and the water is a bit cold, by lunch time the sun comes out full force every single day and starts scorching.

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Like The Cape, The Point also produces some of the longest waves you’ll surf anywhere in the entire world.

When Chicama does get a decent swell though, both breaks will produce the longest, cleanest waves you’ve ever surfed in your life.

This is a wonderful place with great waves and it would be awful to see it spoiled…A couple of things to bring with you: Reef Boots: There are a lot of rocks and sharp objects you have to walk over to surf many of these spots, and while you can certainly make due without them, a pair of booties is easy to throw in your bag and is definitely worth having.

*Note that I found surf booties to be particularly difficult to find in Peru…Wetsuit: In case this is the only article you ever read about Chicama, I figured it would be good to mention that the water is a bit cooler here than many other famous surf destinations.

Lastly: Peru is home to some of the longest waves in the world. The ride will most likely last about five times longer than whatever the longest wave in your life was previously. But even without the incredible long lefts of Chicama, all surfers should put Peru on their list of places to visit. Towering stone cliffs with enormous rock formations the color of brown sugar.

Endless surreal landscapes that look almost martian. Ancient ruins that disappear in the cool gray fog of altitude.

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Page 3: Notes, Recommendations, and Final Thoughts: Water Taxi: The waves are so long in Chicama and the rip tide is so strong that it would be futile (bordering on crazy) to try and paddle back to the take off zone at the end of your rides. Plus, keep in mind that when the waves are firing, lots of people will be using these boats, and sooner or later you’ll likely get skunked by someone who jumps off a boat into your wave… Try to observe the customs and all that before you start dropping in.

A wave too long and too perfect to describe with words.

This has an air of authenticity, amateur girl, a bit of revulsion on her part while gagging on cock.

I was comfortable in just a 3/2 suit, but some people were wearing 4/3s.

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