Intimidating shout warrior

If you deflect the spell, choose a new target for it. The spell then takes effect normally at the new target, just as if the caster had originally chosen that target.If a spell allows multiple targets, you choose all targets.If a creature fails this save, it cannot make melee attacks against your allies — only against you.

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Benefit: When you use a shield larger than a buckler, any ally within 5 feet who is not using a shield gains a 1 shield bonus to his AC. Benefit: When you successfully counter a spell, instead of dismissing it entirely, you may choose a new target for the spell.

Any ally within 5 feet who is using a shield gains a 1 circumstance bonus to AC. To do so you must spend a spell slot that is at least the same level as the spell you are deflecting.

Benefit: Once per round, if the opponent you have designated as your Dodge target (see the Dodge feat) makes a melee attack or melee touch attack against you and misses, you may make an attack of opportunity against that opponent. Resolve and apply the effects from both attacks simultaneously.

Even if you have Combat Reflexes, you cannot use the Counterattack feat more than once per round.

Leanine expended two 3rd-level spell slots — one for dispel magic and one for the deflection — to deflect Alastair’s frost nova.

Benefit: When a device malfunctions, you may attempt a Craft (technological device) check (DC = 15 the device’s MR).

She spends a 3rd-level spell slot (because frost nova is a 3rd-level spell).

Alastair’s frost nova explodes among his friends at the location Leanine has chosen, with the damage, save DC and other pertinent information based on Alastair’s statistics, as normal.

If you succeed, the device operates normally for 1d3 rounds, giving you a chance to finish the job you are doing, make an emergency repair, or get clear before it blows up.

If you roll a natural 20 on the check, the malfunction is completely averted.

For example, if you can cast 5th-level spells, each of your followers gains one extra spell slot that she can use for a 0-level, 1st-level, 2nd-level or 3rd-level spell.

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