Free site dating chating porn philippines - Difference between dating black men and white men

Maybe it's because I'm older, butteruh, I find that men are basically men and there aren't many differences.

The man that approaches me with respect and confidence, I have time for, whatever his race is.

I have talked to my friends about this difference, too.

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They put their feelings out there and say what's on their mind.

So I think many black men are raised to be more honest about feelings, while white men are more veiled about their feelings.

If you are hispanic, you are supposed to be a suave, salsa dancing, greasy haired dude. If you are asian, you are supposed to be able to fix her computer. My opinion (though I'm married and been out of the dating game for years) is that black men are more direct.

They don't seem to overthink things and seem more confident in their approach.

I actually prefer the less aggressive/more laid back approach white men tend to have.

It puts me at ease and makes for a more relaxing pick-up overall, imo.They have the "if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all" approach, which spares hurt feelings, but can be viewed as "being phony".With my husband's family, they are much more direct.Also, as one female poster admitted earlier in this thread, white women seem to hold ethnic men to a lower standard in terms of what's considered respectful behavior (i.e.a black or hispanic man is "allowed" to be sexually agressive to the point of being obnoxious, while a white man could never "get away" with that).There are invisible boundaries about what you can & can't say to people.

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