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Unlike their parents and older siblings, who fear the consequences of such actions, the younger Persians assume that partying is the only pleasure they have.Yes, the drive toward secularism can become a challenge for sharing the Gospel.

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It’s true that due to restrictions and persecution, no one can count with full certainty the number of people adhering to a faith outlawed by the Islamic regime.

But we at Iran Alive know through our daily interactions with Iranians that far more Muslims are committing their lives to Jesus than is often told to the public by news and tabulating services.

And they share their Savior even more when the government tries to stop them.

spoke with my friend Mani Erfan, CEO and founder of CCM Ministries.

Do you know that I am constantly humbled by the young people of Iran?

They come to Christ in record numbers and serve God with passion and great love for Him.To them, there is no comparison, and no other option for them other than to surrender their lives to Christ, whether that means living or dying for Him. We must increase our commitment to pray for our dear brothers and sisters in Iran—and we must also pray for those dear Muslims on whose behalf God is working even now, to draw them to Himself.But, my dear friends, this astounding growth of Christianity—and with it the growth of secret and illegal church meetings in homes—also means that Iran will continue to be a major spiritual battleground over the next few years and beyond. We must increase our commitment to support the growing but fledgling church in Iran as it works to disciple its members and throw off the chains of an oppressive regime.But these young people reject all religions because they assume that Christianity is just like Islam—or worse.So from just one broadcast on our Iran Alive satellite network, Network 7, they begin to see that Christianity is not what they thought before.He has the power to change lives in a way that neither the Ayatollah nor the President of the United States could ever prevent or copy.

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