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They had a son, Alex, in 1973 then divorced in 1978. After their divorce in 1989 she married musician David Glen Eisley, and in 1993 they had a daughter, India. Olivia and Leonard keep in touch, and her oldest son stayed with Leonard on a trip to London in 1992.Leonard had another daughter, Charlotte Westenra (originally named Katie Scarlett O'Hara? In 2003 they collaborated at the Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show.The appeal of love is the loss of the boundary that traps us in our conviction of individuality, of being a thing apart.

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Her magnificent bone structure was becoming apparent, with those wide expressive eyes and her whole angular self.

She was now the real Juliet, a gawky colt of a girl waiting for life to begin. Twenty-five years later, in 1992, People Magazine did an article on Olivia (in LA) and Leonard (in London). "I was thrust for a long moment into international stardom," he said.

If Zeffirelli's Romeo & Juliet wasn't regularly shown in high school, chances are that no one would know that she ever even existed." In 1995, journalist Sergey Sholohov did a TV interview with Leonard.

Asked about their romance during the making of the movie, he responded: "I didn't tell anybody that I liked this girl.

I had my cast." He moved the principal players into his new villa outside Rome in that May, and they began filming at the end of June. By the same token, Leonard was the typical teenage boy trying out his ego. I always lived in a clique neighborhood and I love just being around kids I grew up with. "When that happens, people want to see you in that same persona again and again." He said that his romance with Olivia during the filming of Romeo and Juliet still stands out in his memory, and he has kept in contact with her.

He always had to be allowed to do his own way first and I had to be patient, only stepping in when he stumbled. He was frightened of seeming to be my puppet in front of the others...." Olivia was "classically beautiful, with mesmerizing eyes, and a certain coarse strength." Leonard was "perfect for the part because he has a gentle melancholy ... Listen to me, already I am beginning to sound like Michael Caine. It then will fade: so does a youth, so does the fairest maid. Caper the cape, but sing me the song, Death will come soon to hush us along. and bitter as gall, Love is a pastime that will never pall. "She still looks wonderful, only about two years older, whereas I look like Lord Capulet." He was living in a modest four-room row house in the Camden Town district of London.

It was in the mid-1990s when I first saw Zeffirelli's film "Romeo & Juliet." The fetching teenagers Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting spoke Shakespeare's words as if it were their everyday language and played their roles just as naturally.

My reaction at the time was that it was the most moving and beautiful film I'd ever seen, capturing the idealistic love of youth and eternalizing it in death. Recently it dawned on me that the perpetually young lovers were young when the film was made – in 1967.

Lila De Nobili, who was in London designing a production for Peter Hall at Stratford, told me to look out for a young actor called Leonard Whiting. He was beautiful in that Renaissance pageboy way that was revived during the 1960s; he could probably act; and, as was obvious when I met him, he was very ambitious. "In desperation I summoned back some of those I had earlier rejected and that was how I stumbled on the amazing transformation of Olivia.

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