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Convicting Mc Conaghie, from Cottage Hill, Dollingstown, for a second time, Judge Lynch told him: “The court expresses its revulsion toward your behaviour. You seemed to have tried to imply there was a vendetta against you by persons unknown.You are incapable and unwilling to face up to your responsibilities.”Judge Lynch did, however, cut the original jail term by a month to take account of his previously clear record.

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Having deliberated for just 15 minutes, Judge Lynch told the court “common sense should not be left at the door of the court.

I have no doubt this was sexual”.“The placement of the camera in a toilet is not disputed.

It is not in dispute the defendant recorded persons using the toilet.

“He set up the camera and positioned it to ensure it captured the toilet being used by persons. The defendant had powerful motivation which led him to take these risks.”He continued: “The defence have submitted this was not for sexual gratification but could have been for the purposes of humiliation.

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Mr Simpson was called to give evidence and he confirmed one of the victims had contacted him and asked for an urgent meeting after discovering a camera hidden in pot pourri in the office toilets.

She handed over the device which Mr Simpson viewed for only a minute, before he decided it was a police matter.

Earlier he had watched footage secretly recorded in the toilet of the Portadown DUP constituency office of Upper Bann MP David Simpson as Mc Conaghie placed his covert camera in a tub of pot pourri, but he managed to record himself.

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