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Here you can see thousands of such cameras located in a cafes, shops, malls, industrial objects and bedrooms of all countries of the world.

To browse cameras of the world just select the country or camera type.

That’s no reason to invade the homes of their hapless clients. But it is, however, a crime to break into a computer, even if doing so only requires somebody to correctly guess that the password is “password”.

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That's because without a strong password, your camera feed could end up on the Internet for anyone to see.

That's the case with thousands of cameras around the world that are currently up on a Russian website. Users just have to click on a country to scroll through cameras monitoring businesses and homes.

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1Webcam has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.

At any rate, English isn’t the operator’s first language, as shown by the homepage’s raison d’être: Sometimes administrator (possible you too) forgets to change default password like 'admin:admin' or 'admin:12345' on security surveillance system, online camera or DVR.

Such online cameras are available for all internet users.Its FAQ even provides links to tools that do the searching for you. The people being spied on aren’t guilty of whatever lax security in the internet-enabled cameras allowed their privacy to be invaded.Yes, they could have changed their default passwords, but in many cases, these cameras are installed by third parties who should do so but don’t.Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content and we will remove links to copyrighted or illegal content withing several hours.In 2013, a cyber creep took over a baby monitor to spy on a 2-year-old Texas girl, to broadcast obscenities at the child, to swivel the camera so as to watch her shocked parents as they came in, and to then call the parents insulting names. Both the router and the IP camera were password-protected, he said, and the firewall was enabled.This site has been designed in order to show the importance of the security settings.

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