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A couple of fundamental principles here: *If you want to understand a woman, don’t listen to what she says (its usually indirect or contradictory), instead, observe her actions and reactions while you keep frame.

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So here’s an example of a girl I made out with in Serbia but couldn’t progress to getting her home.

She’s hooked strong and we already did a late-night sex chat when she was drunk (and willing to send dirty photos).

nightmare – Social crumblings – Inner game in the turbulent 20s – Culture affects game – Manosphere & society – Feminism as the trojan horse for communism – Economic laws and sexual dynamics – Economics of game (heavy stuff) – MARKETPLACE & VALUE Sexual Market Value – Sexual Market Place navigation – Hypergamy – The stacked odds of online dating (mindf*ck) – When women hit the wall – The double standard – Feminine reality – Fem-centrism – Post-modern feminism & women’s (un)happiness – Females as gatekeepers – Nice guys/Jerks – “Nice guy” translation – Chivalry – AFC conventions – Notch count – Operative social conventions – The numbers game fallacy – Later marriage – charts – UNPLUG FROM THE MATRIX – taking the Red Pill Unplug – Breaking beta – Beta buffers – Beta game – AFC (average frustrated chump) – Bitter taste of the red pill – Deciphering female conventions – The truth and the denial – Compliments – Passive-aggressiveness – White Knight – The beta hamster – Pedestalizing women – One-itis – Curing one-itis – Objectification & idealization – Filtering out insecurity – Unconditional – Filtering mainstream dating advice – FAMILY INFLUENCE Fathers and non-advice – Fathers and advice – The beta father – More fatherhood – ………… Passive game enables a man to develop and project value (consciously or subconsciously), and active game focuses on the pursuit (direct or indirect).

This section overlaps and weaves between the two modes, and includes non-verbals, lines, relationship management, dynamics, and everything in between.

*Negatively reacting to a woman’s emotions relinquishes your control of the situation. Set the frame, agree & amplify positivity, and neutralize or spin negativity.

Like dealing with a child, one must be in control of the situation while giving them the illusion that they are in control because they feel safe and protected while enjoying themselves in your company.

Warning, you may get a little butthurt along the way, so feel free to agree, disagree, and enjoy the journey down the rabbit hole. For category specific articles, see the relevant sections below. complete with escalation, lines, outcomes, stories, and videos.

There will be some chest-puffing, arm-flailing, and deuce-flopping, but at the end of the day, it is just a collection of a bunch of guys (and a few ladies chiming in) figuring out and passing down the ways of Men. MANOSPHERE LINKS Read these blogs front to back, and your game awareness/application levels will shatter ceilings, floors, and walls in every direction. Other hall of famers – Krauser, the King of Daygame.

I found it easier to let my strengths run on autopilot, then isolate and incrementally improve on my weaknesses in game to advance. If you would like to jump to a specific section, navigate through the tabs on the top of the page.

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