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With the recommendation suggested by Tassos my run method now looks like this: is pretty clear, but I totally agree about the swing timer.

The OP wanted to know why it still did not work after trying the most upvoted answer at the time, he even edited his question to reflect this.import

In our introduction to threading with Swing, we said that any updates to the user interface must happen on the event dispatch thread.

So from any other thread— in practice, that means code that isn't called directly from an event handler— we must specifically arrange for our GUI update code, and generally only that code, to be called on the event dispatch thread.

But now, from our query thread, we want to update a progress bar or some other component showing the current progress to the user.

How can we do this if we're no longer in the event dispatch thread?

reload frame isn't a technical term and whatever it's supposed to mean, update Component Tree is NOT the answer.

Actually, the question as-is is way too unspecific to be answerable, so voted to closebad question attract bad answers (that's why suggested to close the question - unsuccessfully ;-) NO - whatever the real problem in the question, creating a new frame is NOT the solution.and redisplay all of the controls and everything proceeds as normal. It seems to wait for the correct amount of time, and when it is done, my JFrame looks great and works as intended. But during the 4 seconds of the countdown method, all I see is a white JFrame. I have some better code, but still can't get this to work. Since my code is now totally different, I'll re-post rather than pollute this thread. What's happening is that you're running everything on one thread - so the UI (which runs on a separate thread) doesn't have an opportunity to update.So, supposing we have a button that launches a series of database queries.

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