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I wouldn't even know where that line is, where they're considering what's a computer or not." This is the state of technology and the law when it comes to registered sex offenders - ignorance, confusion, misinformation and conflicting court decisions.Every state has its own set of laws about which offenders need to be monitored or banned from using the internet and to what extent. if you establish a new email address, computer log-in or screen name or identity, instant-message identity or electronic chat room identity." Parole and probation officers inconsistently hand out and enforce such restrictions, and the laws differ for those on parole, probation, community supervision and the registries.

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"They didn't even understand that any time you comment on anything on a site you have to usually create a username, or any of the endless crap you have to create accounts for online," he said.

"They still seem stuck in the mid-90s or something, as if I have one email address and one screen name that I use to talk to pedophiles and minors on the internet, like it works that way." Trevor ended up scribbling down an abandoned Tumblr account and a fake Gmail address he created after his release from jail.

He knew the risks of providing outdated or false internet aliases, but thought that this was preferable to leading the police to real information they could misconstrue and use against him.

Trevor's paranoia stems from his recent experience with law enforcement.

"So got to keep it as calm as possible, not to scare her too much, but at the same time, it is kind of troubling and disappointing as would be expected as a parent.""I'm really devastated because my daughter who's 16, my son who's 14, they all went there and I was just there Thursday at a ceremony for my niece, and I'm just devastated," said Shannon Jackson.

A representative for the Douglas County School System issued the following statement Sunday afternoon:"Mt. John Mc Gill has been suspended by the Douglas County School System pending a law enforcement investigation.

An elementary school principal was among 14 people arrested in De Kalb County in connection with an undercover child sex sting.

According to a representative with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, all 14 people traveled from all parts of north Georgia with the intent to meet a child for sex.

He and others in law enforcement say the Internet is a lifeline and a valuable tool, but also very dangerous."If you have a child at home, there's always the potential risk with them," said James.

Det är nu dags att vi börjar bli mer aktiv på denna hemsida över vår by.

He was introduced to the maze upon parole: He wasn't supposed to use a computer or the internet, but his parole officer didn't initially inform him of these constraints.

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