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But sometimes a certain child is tired, or doesn’t want to do what you’re asking –and although it’s my responsibility to do the best I can to capture what the client needs, I have strong feelings about not wanting to torture anyone.I suppose a subject who is very uncomfortable with being in front of the camera, or a child who has crashed from eating too much sugar, or ice cream in a garden in 90 degrees which is melting while bugs are landing in it. I have a couple of friends who are photographers but we do very different types of work which makes it easy.

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As far as keeping clients…well, the work is always first–and the goal is to make the client happy, and maybe even surprise them with something better than they expected.

But I also think that the general atmosphere on a shoot is really important, it’s a creative business, and we want to have a nice time.

I suppose if I could go back in time I would love to photograph some of my relatives like my grandparents because I have so few visual records of my extended family.

This R-rated, May-December romance story was directed by Clint Eastwood - it was his third directed film, and the first one that he also didn't star in.

I want my clients to be comfortable, maybe listen to some good music, have a good lunch…walk away feeling great about the shoot.

I think that light is what I get the most excited about and seeing how it falls on something or someone makes me want to photograph to preserve it.Besides being a story of an intergenerational, age-disparity love, it also contrasted the establishment with the counter-culture of the time.The film's tagline hinted: Troubled hippie and liberal, guitar-strumming free spirit Edith Alice "Breezy" Breezerman (Kay Lenz) became involved in an intergenerational affair with Frank Harmon (William Holden), a cynical, insecure middle-aged, divorced businessman - and a conservative real-estate broker in the LA area.My favorite things to make are desserts because I have a real sweet tooth, and the smell of baking cookies or a pie makes me very happy. I think harmony in a crew is really important, having prop and food stylists who you really click with visually, who you can be inspired by, and you just generally enjoy working with.With the right people you can make just about anything look good.By the film's conclusion, he was bound by convention and his own insecurities after he and Breezy attended a cinema showing High Plains Drifter.

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