Are alex pettyfer and dianna agron dating Japanese sexchat

Alex Pettyfer isn’t even really famous and already…Story after story – wanky behavior, temper tantrums, love complications, and now… Then Dianna Agron, his girlfriend, fired her management and signed with his. Not long afterwards, a report was leaked via TMZ that Agron was insecure and jealous and ended it with Pettyfer over this photoshoot, which happened months ago, that had him making out with models – click here to see.

Without any wins to back that up however, in this game, it might not be enough to overcome the image problems that have suddenly dominated his resumé.

He's really starting to not sound so pretty from all the stories we've been hearing.

(Also flirting with Agron and Szohr, with less success, according to the party witness: Gerard Butler and Dane Cook.) PHOTOS: More pics of Dianna and all of Hollywood partying post-Oscar About a half an hour into the heart-to-heart, "Chris grabbed Dianna's hand and kissed her knuckles," the reveler says. " When Agron and Szohr were ready to leave, Evans went "in for a close cheek kiss and hug with Dianna." PHOTOS: Love lives of Glee Is Agron ready to love again after her ugly breakup from Pettyfer, 20?

"It seemed like Chris was more smitten than Dianna," the source says.

The magazine is now reporting that Agron has moved out of the home she and Pettyfer shared and is living under an alias at a hotel because she’s afraid of him. No doubt, she’s kind of a weak ass but in combination with the inflated ego, the control over her career, and his youth – let’s not forget he’s just 20 – I’m inclined to believe that Pettyfer needs to chill the f-ck out.

Apparently he lost his sh-t when she left him and is now behaving like a “psycho loose cannon” and threatened her over the phone. Pettyfer also supposedly got into a scrap with Sebastian Stan (the actor who used to date Leighton Meester) at a club the other night because he thought Stan was dealing with Agron behind his back… It’s too soon, it’s too much, and, really, it’s actually not even that much.

But that’s just the beginning of a long list of red flags the actor has displayed over the past year! The estranged couple’s possible “secret engagement” reportedly shocked all of Dianna’s was surprised,” the source says.

“Alex made Dianna fire her entire management team for no apparent reason,” add the source. You say anything he doesn’t agree to and he goes ballistic. “Dianna used to be really sweet, but she started dating Alex and now she has become such a diva.

When Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer broke up earlier this week, people (ok, tweens) were pretty devastated by the news.

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