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Windows and doors designed to protect against flying debris, driving rain, hurricane force winds, cyclic pressure, and more.They may feature graceful craftsmanship—but they also help preserve a home's structural seal.

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Marvin's durable and elegant hardware is engineered to work seamlessly with our windows and doors.

It’s available with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish, a state-of-the-art process that resists fading and discoloration due to sunlight, humidity, and other coastal conditions.

[Kaboom] Marvin the Martian: Well, back to the old drawing board. No point in wasting money on a flying saucer when the Earth's not gonna... [Bugs, flying alongside Marvin, points to a map, and signals for Marvin to lower his window] Marvin the Martian: Earthlings have no sense of direction! Marvin the Martian: [after landing his saucer on Mars and carrying the sleeping Bugs out] Oh, I can hardly wait till Hugo finds him.

Bugs: [walking away] Oh, well, don't bother, then. [after receiving an assignment] Marvin the Martian: A mission? Marvin the Martian: [brandishing a ray gun] Halt, and be fricasseed. Hugo will be so happy to have a playmate, but you know how lonesome he gets. [In a flashback, Bugs spots Marvin's flying saucer] Bugs: [Pointing behind him towards Marvin's saucer] Wha... Marvin: That is our Intergalactic Flying Space Saucer.

Marvin Martian: I claim *this* planet in the name of Mars. Marvin the Martian: [after Hugo tries to rock and cuddle him the way he did with Bugs] Desist!

[Cut to Marvin holding up a sign marked KEY WITNESS, which is pointing to a Key on legs being sworn in as a witness] Bugs Bunny: Key witness!

Storm Plus® windows and doors may feature graceful craftsmanship - and even sweeping expanses of glass - but they also help preserve your home's structural seal.

They're designed to protect against flying debris, driving rain, cyclic pressure, temperature extremes and more.

Our Storm Plus extruded aluminum clad products meet AAMA 2605, the American Architectual Manufacturer's Association's toughest specification for aluminum cladding.

They're built tough with Fluropon®, a fluoropolymer finish with 70% PVDF, which heightens resistance to chalking, pitting, fading, corrosion and marring.

When it comes to the harshest coastal conditions like hurricane force winds, driving rain, humidity, flying debris, endless sun and more, Marvin Coastal Complete can take it!

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