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Also, spending long hours at work and away from home, can act as a trigger point, when the spouse or partner involved begins sharing more of their time and life with someone else.The attention they get from this partner adds that spice and spark in their life, which was missing all this while.

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, he echoed the feelings of many couples who feel like their relationships has lost meaning along the way, leading them to find emotional support outside their marriage or relationship.

It’s this treacherous gamut of emotions that makes you blind, and you fail to see when a casual friendship leads to emotional sex. Dr Parul Tank, consultant psychiatrist, says, “Emotional sex is a friendship that gives you a similar high as romantic love.

Her fiance got transferred to Chennai and she could not cope with the long-distance relationship.

She was often arguing with her fiancé about petty issues.

And while some people think infidelity occurs because it is planned, at times people find themselves in situations where their emotions completely overwhelm them.

While people trapped in troubled marriages are more vulnerable to infidelity, even people in solid relationships can be lured because of the temptation that an emotional affair can pose, and the thrill you can get out of it, even if it’s for a short time.

He started chatting online with a woman and before he knew it, he was sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings with her.

Very soon, this led to emotional closeness and they were flirting via texts and chat messages.

She got friendly with a colleague at work and they become friends on a networking site.

Very soon they were going for coffee breaks together, and were on chat the whole day, sending flirty texts.

Rahul started realising that he was getting extremely attached to her, and finding faults with his wife.

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