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I see absolutely no reason to have loads of pics up, I suppose that might be different if I was flat out trying to bag me a man.... I don't know how else to put it, but if I post a full shot I get flooded with mail,,,and not the kind of mail I would consider desirable in some cases.

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To me if someone has only one photo up it doesn`t matter. I am not going to need to see a picture of you taken from every angle before I will even agree to meet for a cup of coffee. For me, its been the other way around in determining who to meet.

It doesn`t matter if they haven`t posted any photos at all. If the number of photos, or lack of them, are a deal breaker then you must be incredibly shallow. If they have too many photos, including the butt shot that many men seem to think is necessary to post, it comes across as vain, and I`m more likely to pass that one by than a profile that features only one pic and no problem with people getting in touch.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Add at least one more (tasteful one) that shows the full body.

Now that I am getting experience on POF and am noticing a lot more than I did before it occurred to me that lots of profiles feature one image and I have made the mistake of meeting these individuals. People have too many differing ideas of what the terms thin, average, athletic or morbidly obese mean. Do you buy a product online that only has one pic, or do you look for other pics or a demo video on You Tube to show how it looks all around? If you feel that people who post ONE pic are a bad risk, STOP dating them.

Either they were afraid I was going to hit them up for money, or they'd have to pay to clean up the suicide scene. You can have more than one photo wherein you essentially portray the same image. I believe you are trying to qualify persons who may be lying about their stature; in that case full body shots are necessary.

With all the technology available in cameras and cell phones, you'd think someone could come up with a 10-second delay. However, most facial shots reveal if a person is as he says he is physically.

For many, it's a single hurdle they have to jump over in order to get access to the rest of the site, and start trying to meet people, so they GET IT OVER WITH QUICK, and never look back.

It can result in the extreme of short, almost meaningless self-descriptors, whatever single picture they have handy to upload, and nothing more; or it can be slightly more filled out, with some likes and dislikes, and a hint about what they want to find in the other person.

I know it's common knowledge that a picture is worth 1,000 words, so 8 of them is worth 8,000.

But what your senses tell you in person is worth a seemingly infinite number of words that are constantly being updated into a more detailed encyclopedia.

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