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Persistence of specific phobia from adolescence to early adulthood: Longitudinal follow-up of the Mexican Adolescent Mental Health Survey. J., de Girolamo, G., Demyttenaere, K., Florescu, S., Haro, J.

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Long-term effects of mental disorders on marital outcomes in the National Comorbidity Survey ten-year follow-up. C., Chatterji, S., Scott, K., the World Health Organization World Mental Health Survey Collaborators. P., Navarro-Mateu, F., Oakley Browne, M., Piazza, M., Posada-Villa, J., ten Have, M.

J., Torres, Y., Uda, H., Wojtyniak, B., Kessler, R. H., Benjet, C., Bunting, B., de Girolamo, G., Demyttenaere, K., Florescu, S., Gureje, O., Hisateru, T., Hu, C., Huang, Y., Karam, E., Kiejna, A., Lepine, J. The cross-national epidemiology of specific phobia in the World Mental Health Surveys.

Traditionally, 12 recent subspecies of lion were recognised, distinguished by mane appearance, size, and distribution.

Lions died out in northern Eurasia at the end of the last glaciation, about 10,000 years ago; this may have been secondary to the extinction of Pleistocene megafauna.

The association between childhood adversities and subsequent first onset of psychotic experiences: a cross-national analysis of 23,998 respondents from 17 countries.

(2017, epub ahead of print) Cross-Sectional Comparison of the Epidemiology of DSM-5 Generalized Anxiety Disorder Across the Globe. L., Torres, Y., Xavier, M., Zarkov, Z., Kessler, R.

E., Piazza, M., Posada-Villa, M., Posada-Villa, J., Sampson, N.

H., Benjet, C., Ten Have, M., Wardenaar, K., Karam, E. M., Florescu, S., Wu, B., De Jonge, P., Altwaijri, Y., Hinkov, H., Kawakami, N., Caldas-de-Almeida, J. J., de Girolamo, G., Posada-Villa, J., Al-Hamzawi, A., Huang, Y., Hu, C., Viana, M.

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G., Kovess-Masfety, V., Lee, S., Lepine, J., Lim, C.

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