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The Dominion of Canada, with Newfoundland and an Excursion to Alaska.

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The number of miles placed before the principal places on railway-routes and highroads generally indicates their distance from the starting-point of the route.

Palestine and Syria, including the principal routes through Meso- potamia and Babylonia.

Manual of the Russian Language, with Vocabulary and List of Phrases.

To hotel-proprietors, tradesmen, and others the Editor begs to intimate that a character for fair dealing and cour- tesy towards travellers is the sole passport to his commen- dation, and that advertisements of every form are strictly excluded from his Handbooks.

Although prices generally have an upward tendency, the average charges stated in the Handbook will enable the tra- veller to form a fair estimate of his expenditure.

On the Maps and Plans the utmost care has been bestow- ed, and it is hoped that they will often be of material service to the traveller, enabling him at a glance to ascertain his bearings and select the best routes.

The Editor begs to tender his grateful acknowledgments to travellers who have sent him information for the benefit of the Handbook, and hopes they will continue to favour him with such communi- cations, especially when the result of their own experience.

Austria-Hiingary^ ikelnding^ "Dalniatia, Bosnia, Bucharestl Belgra Je, and Mont Wegro'/W4th?

li Iap|,, TX-Plah8, and 2Tanoragiasjr Eleventh edition.

Heights are given in the text in English feet, on the maps in metres (1 Engl. = 0.3048 metre; 1 metre = 3.281 Engl, ft- or about 3 ft. Distances are given in English miles, or, in the case of mountain-routes, are expressed by the time they usually require. The latter may often be selected by the 'voyageur en gargon' with little sacrifice of real comfort and considerable saving of expenditure.

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