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It was hard, I didn't get a job for a long time, but then fortune smiled upon me and I got a job as secretary at a financial company, which I love. Lina: I have had plenty of bad advice and bad doctor experiences, but I have refused any kind of surgery until I had my answers about who I really am - a man or a woman.

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I try to help others as much as I can with the knowledge I have gained over the past few years.

It's kind of neat not having the sexual blinders most other people do.

It took me years finally to accept myself as a woman and start living as one too.

: When did you first realise that you were a hermaphrodite?

Male Pseudo is an individual born with XY chromosomes, has testes and no ovaries but some aspect of female genitalia.

Female Pseudo is born as XX with female internal organs, but possesses masculinised genitalia.

"Normal" people don't understand and it's hard to put it into context for them.

Worse still, is having to educate doctors and not be looked upon as a freak show (special thanks to the nurse who announced to everyone "hey there's a hermaphrodite in room XX" on one of my visits.) I have had a very unique experience and insight into the sexes.

My parents were fighting all the time and finally they divorced.

That meant another break-down for me so I decided to move away from home to Vienna and not to go to university but try to get a job and put my life back on track, you know, get on my own two feet.

When the young Hermaphroditos ignored her attentions, she prayed to the gods that she might be eternally united with him. A human being who is born with male and female sex organs is termed a hermaphrodite.

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