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One instance of odd behavior might be explained away.But if you continually find inconsistencies in this person’s stories, you continually get vague responses to straightforward questions and this person is continually seeming to impose on your new friendship, this person is acting very strange and is likely an online dating scammer.

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The stories were described by the DABA women themselves as “satirical” and “enhanced”, meaning they made up the stories from their common experiences in the New York City financial sector dating mileau.

So why talk about “Dating a Banker Anonymous” all these months later?

Maybe the story of a bunch of whiny elistists falling on hard times was too much for the NYT’s reporters to pass up, but journalists should know better. Unfortunately, some of the smaller and subtler lies you’ll find among the online dating crowd will be harder to spot – and harder to verify.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to spotting on online dating lie.

Dating a Banker Anonymous – Reaction This caused a sensation, as you might imagine.

Readers of the New York Times flooded the paper’s editors with venomous attacks on Dating a Banker Anonymous.

But there are internet singles dating scams that can cause you a whole lot of trouble and heartache.

If, since we pointed it out to you on Monday, you’ve been following the phenomenon of the girls from Dating a Banker Anonymous, you’ll assume that they are full of woe that the boys who kept their lives high-flying and fun are no longer there to provide bottles at clubs, reservations at restaurants, and great economic-boom sex.

How To Spot An Online Dating Lie Of course, most people with common sense knew something was fishy about the DABA women.

I love the New York Times, but it’s bad when the vast majority of the readers can spot a hoax, when their own reporters seem to have a blind spot for the truth.

This might sound heartless, but you have to ask yourself why this person seems to have no personal friend or family member who they might go to first.

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