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I really want this to be a special night, since she's...This Friday will be my girlfriend and I's one month anniversary.True love speaks in tender tones And hears with gentle ear, True love gives with open heart And true love conquers fear.

I knew that I had been touched by lovewhen suddenly I stopped thinking in terms of "me",and started thinking in terms of "we".

I knew that I had been touched by lovewhen suddenly I couldn't make any decisions by myself anymore,and I had the strong desire to share everything with you.

Have A Wonderful Day Jon Bratton © 2011© Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Anniversary Verses Poems Quotes May the memories you cherish And the joys that you recall Help make this anniversary day Your very best of all, And may these truly happy years Of seeing dreams come true Be a promise of still greater joy In the years ahead of you!

Happy Wedding Anniversary © To Mum (Mom) And Dad I spent many happy days In the arms of another man's wife And I was comforted and protected By that man in my life As it happens, I call them Mum (Mom) and Dad And on your (Xth) Anniversary I'd like to say Thanks muchly to the both of you Enjoy your special day Happy Wedding Anniversary © Welcome to Wedding Anniversary Verses Written for specific folk But you can probably cherry pick the odd Rhyme or comment or joke I hope you find this useful Pop back..

I'll be adding more And if you keep visiting my website It'll help keep the wolves from my door These may be useful when seeking a verse for someone with similar hobbies, pastimes, traits or characteristics.© Wife regularly on TV game shows For 25 years You've perfected the art Of staying together By...keeping apart It's not easy for you, Dad You seek your own space You slope off to watch telly But still see (Mom's Mum's Mam's) face You moan a lot and jingle your change But let's face it, there's no escape You can flick the remote as much as you like But she's on the TV and on every tape Over a pint in the pub, you have a good moan That's the fate of every Magpie While Mam perfects her game show skills Giving talks at the WI It's good Mam, you've got a bike It's so much better than walking Dad just thinks it's a blessed relief It's the only time you stop talking This is a very insulting tribute But take it in good heart Cogratulations Mam and Dad You've reached Silver together...apart Lots of love etc Jon Bratton © 1996© On Boxing Day in '36 John and Kath said "I do" Joined together for 60 years That's mighty powerful glue From (Thattown) to (Thistown) You've come a long long way Now on top of the world in (Dimond Court) Overlooking (Roker's) Bay Still very active And rarely seen apart You're teenage geriatrics Modern and young at heart We can reveal that John's 85 That's a well known fact Telling Kathy's age would be a breach Of the Official Secrets Act Through Silver, Gold now Diamond That's a long bridal path Congratulation John Congratulations Kath Lots of love etc Jon Bratton © 1996© Forty six to ninety six That's 50 years all told If marriage was an Olympic sport You'd have got yourselves a gold Proud parents to two children Grandparents to five more Who visit the "Harper Bakery" It's Gran's cooking they all adore Not only them...you've also had Young Hudson mouths to fill You could have had a thriving business But you forgot to present the bill Gladys.. you never moan Well life's not for carrying cases With a butler of your own 50 years...it's clear you made The perfect partner choice Congratulations, lots of love From your loving sister, Joyce Jon Bratton © 1996© It's 25 years since they wed Put out the Silver Banners Congratulations Bob and Joan The cowboy caravanners Bob's got trophies for being best dressed Which no-one at all begrudges Except for some catty cowboys Who say he hypnotised the judges But Bob just downs his whiskey He's not one for hassle It's Joans skillful fingers That does wonders for his tassel Joan's the boss of the Kirton ranch Bob thinks that's fine He's always towed the caravan And always toed the line Sharing a saddle for 25 years You both have a sense of fun Congratulations Mam and Dad From Donny, your loving son Jon Bratton © 1996© Bob Lifelong Pigeon Fancier T'was in May '47 Bob and Maureen said " I do " 50 years together Oh how the years just flew They've taken foreign holidays Jetted off through the air They've flown round the dance floor As an old time dancing pair Sparks have flown from Bob As a Blacksmith at his trade And once he was a hero Flying round to peoples aid Maureen's never clipped Bob's wings To the "Pigeon End" he likes to roam But like a dedicated pigeon He always comes back home Such a really lovely couple Rarely seen apart After 50 years together They're still just "chicks" at heart Love and Congratulations to the Pigeon King and his Queen, Maureen Jon Bratton © 1996© This is a Golden Wedding Tribute A short but poignant tale Of Jim and Ava's life and times In the Garden of Eden- Vale They wed and soon had troubles Evelyn and Jim to name but two Jack made it triple trouble So they quit..wouldn't you? She thought she had a real good catch So in '74 they wed To the strains of "Here comes the bride"Played by Motorhead That was all a quarter century ago Where have the years (and Jack's hair) gone?But then we grow and finally learn, The way that children do, How much their love has really meant, How thoughtful they've been, too And so this comes with all the thanks You both deserve and more.For there aren't two dearer parents Than the one this card's for© True love is a sacred flame That burns eternally, And none can dim its special glow Or change its destiny.I have a few little personal things for her ( a note etc.) What I need is some more general, good date ideas. The path that leads to happiness is so narrow that two cannot walk on it unless they have become one. Leap Year Day (Leap Day) is the day our calendar realigns itself with the solar year.(The orbit takes not exactly 365 days but 6 hours more than that, hence...6x4=24 hours)You only get to celebrate every 4th year The anniversary of your hitch On the good side, it'll be (2032)Before you face the seven year itch !Happy Anniversary to two of my favourite human souls Adapted from George Eliot © May the memories you cherish And the joys that you recall Help make this anniversary day Your very best of all, And may these truly happy years Of seeing dreams come true Be a promise of still greater joy In the years ahead of you! It is made out of wisdom and compromise, Sharing and caring.

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