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It wasn’t until the United States ended the formal chattel slave system that authorities wanted to prevent the birth of more mixed-race children, when those children were no longer viewed in terms of their potential profit to white slaveholders but were instead viewed as symbolic threats to white supremacy.

If white supremacy says that blacks, particularly black women, are subhuman, then the symbolic resonance of whites and blacks, particularly white men and black women like the Lovings, belonging to the same nuclear family shakes the foundation of white domination.

Ruth Negga, who stars in the leading role as Mildred Loving, also Skyped in from London to do a live interview with us.

There’s still a surprising number of people who have never heard the history of Mildred and Richard Loving, despite its significance in the Civil Rights legacy.

The laws were purely about maintaining white domination.

Contrary to popular belief, anti-miscegenation laws weren’t created to prevent sexual contact between whites and people of other races, and it certainly wasn’t to curtail the presence of mixed-race children.

This is evident by the rampant rape of black women by white men and the numerous mixed race children that resulted.

Anti-miscegenation laws were about building and protecting white wealth as well as controlling white women as the property of white men.

What the book does remind us, however, is that while society doesn’t view black women as suitable marriage partners, society has always viewed black women as sex objects with whom white men (or any men) could do as they pleased.

And this is why I focus on the words “love” and “marriage.” It’s not enough to have stories or see images of men lusting for black women’s bodies in a purely sexual way.

Mildred, a black woman, and Richard, a white man, were arrested in Virginia in 1958 for being in an interracial marriage.

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