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Love is the healing force of the universe – it is what lifts us higher. Your Being is not interested in what has been, it is only interested in the New – the unknown.


This Satsang with Bernie Prior took place in March 2009.

Watch video part 1 How to express our ultimate nature?

Yin and Yang are personified principles, endeavouring to be manifest as man and woman.

Real Tantra is the understanding that the attraction between man and woman is unfolding what we are in the deep.

The attraction I speak of takes awareness out of the world and brings it back into what is essentially a God-attraction or Source-attraction. Already complete as the masculine and feminine principle: universal consciousness and universal form. Real attraction transcends the undeveloped mind and enters the divine mind where man and women are already one.

Waiting in the deep are a bright new man and woman ready to be born and to create real, pure forms.

The sun, moon, the stars and the flowers sing about this possibility.

Bringing our awareness back into Source will bring the change.

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