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To the therapist, he exclaimed: "She's just like dogs!

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What, you were expecting peace and quiet, muchachas? says, "and she gets into that, you know, stage, I have to say, `I'm right here. Determined to become the world's best dog trainer, Cesar crossed the border illegally at age 21.

Cesar Millan may be known as the Dog Whisperer, but in his kitchen on a recent afternoon, there is not a moment of silence. " Her husband, looking trim in a V-neck sage-colored T-shirt and faded jeans, continues, "I feel like I'm regulating the volume of my wife's intensity. ' "Yes, that's right: When the Dog Whisperer talks to the woman he says domesticated him—call her the Man Whisperer— he's lucky to get a word in edgewise. Arriving in Los Angeles, he washed limousines while trying to build a clientele.

When Ilusion is upset, he's supposed to be patient and cuddle her, "which is opposite of what she'd do if I were going through my process."Ilusion appraises him unflinchingly. I go to sadness, and for a woman, being sad, you want comforting. Anyone who's watched Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan knows that while dog owners may think their dogs are the problem, actually the problem is them.

But interestingly, it is only through his marriage, Cesar says, that he began to understand human behavior.

What other couples might see as exhausting, however, the Millans, perched side by side on tall stools, treat as a blessing—because there was a time they had trouble communicating at all.

So it goes, for more than two hours: Cesar, 40, and Ilusion, 34, jabbing and parrying, cross-talking, even bickering.

"It was in counseling that Cesar experienced what the couple calls his "lightbulb moment," when the therapist urged Ilusion to tell Cesar what she wanted. I don't want to be treated like a piece of property.

Here is how the couple, sitting together in the kitchen, recall the scene. And honey, you know, I want you to tell me that you love me,' because he never did."Cesar: "Wait a minute.

And at first, the correction seems to take."I'm sorry, baby," the M. "I was there in my heart, but my heart was blocked."When Cesar was growing up on a farm in Culiacán, Mexico, his affinity for canines earned him the nickname El Perrero, or "the dog man." It also got him teased.

"We're both very animated," she says."Let me tell the story," the D. says in the same calm, assertive tone that he uses with the unruly dogs on his weekly hit TV show (now in its sixth season on the National Geographic Channel). "He was afraid to love anybody.""I didn't do it with humans, that's all," Cesar says, matter-of-factly.

The therapist helped her to see that Cesar was using the animals he utterly understood to try to begin to understand one he couldn't: his wife."It wasn't about me any more," Cesar says, musing on the moment that led them to reconcile after six months apart.

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