Are bajo and hex dating

This sounds like a job for Profile Talent Management!Personally, I’d like to see both presenters (including ‘Bajo’ / Steven O’Donnell) axed and replaced with B-grade TV celebrities ABC management’s children inform them are like, totally hot right now.

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I feel now as if I’m being professionally attacked, so here’s a truth bomb.

In the meeting where I was told I would be replaced, the reason given was they wanted a girl on the show.

Realise it or not, Author Syd (Series Producer) Date/Time pm Subject Re: Statement from the team… As I said, I’ve spoken to team members who contradict what you say about “supporting the ABC’s decision”, so this is damage control, pure & simple.

This could easily degenerate into a he said she said we said… BUT the team is here with me in the office right now… no one on the team feels we have to tow the party line here – no one has been coerced into doing or saying anything they don’t want to. Regardless of what Jung might say will NOT be dumbed down and I state again, the decision was nothing to do with bringing in a girl… ” I completely believe that you have the best of intentions, Syd. And I likewise believe you when you say it has nothing to do with bringing in a girl. Author Bajo (Presenter) Date/Time pm Subject Re: Statement from the team…

Finally, we genuinely wish Junglist all the best, and we hope he finds a medium for his awesome analysis and presenting skills that works for him.

Team team was completely unaware of the change until the same day I found out.Sure we didn’t all find out till you did – but that does not mean we don’t feel it’s the right thing to do for the show. FFS – I’m a girl and I started this show – I don’t care about the gender of the presenters – I just care about having the best ppl working on it. I totally acknowledge Jung[‘]s contribution to – and yeah I can see how it feels like we’ve stabbed a mate – and what’s the Aussie thing to do? But this show is more than just one person – is and always has been. Hi guys, I can’t stress enough to scrub ‘mass appeal’ from your minds.The words are ridiculous to me, and the team and no one has ever felt that it’s even remotely where we are heading.“We have felt personally attacked by some of the posts by Jung, and others, with the inability to reply due to confidentiality.” Actually, I’ve been very supportive of Hex, and pointed out that all she ever did was accept a cool job. I’m not trying to be a White Knight, I’ve made mistakes too.I’ve disagreed with the ABC on reviewing policies, which sometimes resulted in footage being handed in late.And it’s a shame that the Christmas special was decided on around the same time I booked an overseas trip, and neither party were flexible enough to change plans.

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