Live nacked aunts

One strap was short and stiff, about 2 feet in length and about 3 inches wide, tapering down to about an inch.

At the White House beatings, my buttocks were usually the target, but sometimes the long razor strap left my body bruised and bleeding in places from shoulders to calves and my legs hardly able to carry me.

I recall several leather razor straps, especially the one we referred to as “Black Beauty”.

I have completed my State of Texas certification to become a licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. If you have any information regarding Gregory Sampson, please email your contact info to: The Official White House [email protected] we will give it to Jeffrey, OR go to the White House Boys Friends and Family page on Facebook, and contact Jeffrey Sampson directly.

This again reaffirms to me that there are more positive ways for dealing with adolescents than beating them until they bleed. I was sent to FSBO during 1966 for being recalcitrant. On a scale if 1 to 10 a very expensive and reputable treatment hospital called it 13 to 14. Holding the bed was taking the beating without murmuring a sound. Perhaps, if the state had provided compassionate insightful counsel and positive examples of an alternative approach to life many of us might not have been sent to prison or worse an early death.

I received two beatings - one from the “dog boys” because I would not rub the hound’s ears and another at a special visit to the White House for being a runaway. I believed them and knew they were capable of such acts because I once witnessed a young, unconscious black boy being pushed in a wheelbarrow from the White House and he looked “dead”.

Even before the scabs on my body were healed, I began thinking of my next escape. The staff at the Florida School for Boys (FSB) in Marianna, Florida showed no mercy when inflicting cruel and torturous punishment to some young residents, including myself. was an active alcoholic known for his violent temper.To escape his wrath, she fled without warning one day - leaving only a note saying goodbye to my two sisters and myself.At nighttime, I knew the keys to the state vehicles were kept in a moderate-size wooden box on the warehouse wall.I continued to plan an escape and shared my strategy with three friends and another boy that became a tag-along.While in the Sarasota county jail awaiting transport to FSBO I attempted suicide. At the school I was exposed and endured the same dysfunction I knew from home. The boy who went before me whose name was Banks bore the abuse without a sound. After my release I graduated from high school and became a soldier during the Vietnam war.

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