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However, in most cases you'll want to make sure there are no validation errors before proceeding with the customized submit.

I have been moving a bunch of infopath forms (many created in infopath 2003) to Share Point using info path 2013.

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Even when this option is selected, dialog box messages are not shown automatically when filling out forms in a Web browser.

This displays the Data Entry Pattern dialog box from which you can select from several pre-defined, standard patterns.

User roles are only supported in Info Path Filler forms.

I have a fairly complex infopath 2010 browser form (Being used to process expense claims) that is using code to perform the submission rather than a rule.

One of the features of the way we have been doing forms for years is to allow the user to save their progress in filling out the form.

In infopath we pull this off by checking for validation errors, if there are in why set a node in the xml that indicates that the form isn't complete, save and clear the errors, call the save webservice and then put the errors back by simply setting the value that each node with a validation error with the value it already has.

By basing a rule on a set of signable data, you can add an error message to a submit button if a user has not signed the form, thus helping to ensure that the form is signed before submitting.

This condition is only supported in Info Path Filler forms.

If none of these patterns meets your needs, you can indicate a custom pattern.

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