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At the other extreme, are people who wear sensible shoes, file their own nails, and drink Sanka.

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"The Milan Cup Holder was born out of our own hands-on experience," notes Katie Dinslage, who founded Carry along with her sister Kari Northeim in 2005.

"We are two moms on the go who had no place to put our drinks while pushing our upscale strollers."(What would a cup holder in a downscale stroller look like, I wonder?

Am I suggesting that to patronize a nail salon or sip the occasional latte is tantamount to the death of individuality, to the loss of the soul? But I do wonder about this obsession with our hands, this pathological need to carry things, this apparent insecurity about being seen, drink-free, in public.

I wonder about our complicity, as designers, in helping support the perception that there's an actual need for a snap-on, fold down, flip-up apparatus to hold all those indulgently oversized take-away drinks we insist upon consuming. Keeping up with the Joneses, or keeping ahead of the curve?

(Serves four.)The bottle of mineral water, like the cup of designer coffee, is an appendage routinely spotted on many a time-pressed pedestrian.

Cup holders do double duty by servicing either (though not, my car reminds me, the wine glass).

Strollers were just strollers back then, way back in the dark ages — and that was the late 1990s.

We're all of us still alive and well, thank you — even occasionally drinking tap water out of a glass.

If you think this is indulgent, bear in mind that pedicures (that's manicures for your feet) involve sitting in electric massage chairs where a remote control offers a series of pulsating options for your weary back. Enter the cup holder, an odd sort of conical vessel that basically babysits your coffee: for a generation raised in the age of the remote control, access to a cup holder is like putting your drink on pause.

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