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We propose a two-level framework which according to the user’s available history on the site, determines available privacy policy for the user’s images being uploaded.

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2 of the second no.32 of the first round and the winner of match no. The same pattern is followed for With the increasing volume of images users share through social sites, maintaining privacy has become a major problem, as demonstrated by a recent wave of publicized incidents where users inadvertently shared personal information.

In light of these incidents, the need of tools to help users control access to their shared content is apparent.

Similarly in a big joint family the study groups of boys are formed according to their age matching.

Naturally the cousins study together, play together, quarrel together and are even punished together.

Toward addressing this need, we propose an Adaptive Privacy Policy Prediction (A3P) system to help users compose privacy settings for their images.

We examine the role of social context, image content, and metadata as possible indicators of users’ privacy preferences.

The tournament has six knockout rounds, i.e., first round, second round, third round, fourth round, quarter finals and semi finals, before the finals.

In the first round, the highest seeded player (i.e., seed 1) plays the lowest seeded player (i.e., seed 128) and this match is designed as match no.1 of the first round; the 2nd highest seeded player (i.e., seed 2) plays the 2nd lowest seeded player (i.e., seed 127) and this match is designated as match no.2 of the first round, and so on. 64 of the first round is played between the 64th seeded player and the 65th seeded player.

pattern of living that is most conducive to the growth. It holds it as a rule of creation that all men are not equal.

Naturally it imposes a kind of unwritten discipline that those who are more able economically shall share some of the burden of those who are not.

In the second round, the winner of the match no.1 of the first round plays the winner of match no. 2 of the first round plays with the winner of match no.

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