Updating nokia phone software

Click on ‘Start’ button, the application will start searching for you connected device (cell phone).

The phone will then need to be disconnected and rebooted to properly run the new software correctly.

In 2015 Microsoft Mobile offers 4 distinct software update applications, the Microsoft Software Updater serves primarily to update their feature phones, while the Lumia Software Recovery Tool and Windows Phone Recovery Tools are applications used to update and recover Windows Phone devices, though the Lumia Software Recovery Tool also supports Symbian and other Nokia platforms, and the Nokia Care Suite enables users to install Microsoft Mobile firmware updates for Microsoft Lumia devices.

The Recovery tool requires the telephone to have 70-80% battery charge and works only with Windows Phone 8 or higher devices.

In 2015 Microsoft used the software to update their Series 30 based Nokia 130 devices.

Connect a Nokia phone through the supplied USB cable to the PC and the software will quickly recognize what Nokia device is connected.

The software will check the firmware and the operating system installed on the phone and determine if there is a newer version to download and install to the device.

Switch your device on and connect it to your PC using the USB cable.

Remember always take backup of your phone before updating your phone firmware, as all data is lost during the update.

The update resolved these issues by lowering the data blocks being fed to the device from 2MB to 128k Bs at a time while recovering these defective models.

In September, 2015 Microsoft updated the Windows Phone Recovery Tool which renamed it to the Windows Device Recovery Tool alongside several minor fixes such as improved support features, and some accessibility improvements.

In February 2015, to coincide with the launch with the technical preview of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft launched a similar application for Windows Insiders known as the Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

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