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David himself entered the priesthood and spent many years as a chaplain in the Royal Australian navy before retiring, and being promoted to Archdeacon Himself at St John's.

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The style doesn’t change too much between the discs and the runtime is just under eighty minutes when you put them together.

It could be argued that it keeps the listener from getting too overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material.

It is a small church built of local limestone, with stained glass windows, a choir loft, an organ, and a bell tower.

It is reminiscent of any English country church, complete with its own graveyard (which is now closed to future internments).

The results aren’t exactly distinct from one another but there’s still high quality to be found.

When considering how prolific Satan’s Host has become in recent years, it isn’t too surprising to see them slide into a set style.

It is refreshing to see a band that’s been around as long as Satan’s Host still releasing consistent material at such a fast rate.

One hopes they won’t burn themselves out too soon but one could still imagine them going out gloriously in such a scenario.

The final triumvurate of tracks is an "Ample Destruction" meets "Don't Break the Oath" reunion party – and we're all invited.

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