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Provide information about the consequences of such behavior on continued employment.

The sexual harassment policy should be part of the employee manual and include a document that employees sign to indicate they understand and will honor the policy.

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If favoritism based on providing sexual favors is widespread, it could create the impression that individuals receive benefits because they are sexual "play things." Such an environment may be humiliating and intimidating. Her supervisor, Tim, only gave bonuses to Charlotte and Regina.

In fact, such behavior could cause an unlawful hostile environment. It is common knowledge that Tim occasionally sleeps with Charlotte and that he has started dating Regina.

Employees cannot be required to sign the disclosure and should be advised of their right and responsibility to have a lawyer review it.

TDIC strongly advises practice owners to carefully consider their leadership role and weigh the potential consequences of entering into relationships with employees.

However, because such relationships may lead to problems that could affect employees' job performance, many organizations do have rules about inter-office dating.

Some organizations don't tolerate inter-office relationships, while some try to discourage them.

In this instance, TDIC recommends a written consensual relationship disclosure.

The disclosure should state that a voluntary and mutually consensual relationship exists and that either party can end the relationship at any time.

Potential landmines include sexual harassment claims, allegations of favoritism, low morale, breakup drama and decreased productivity that can affect the entire dental office, especially if a workplace relationship goes bad.

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