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Yet another huge thanks to @anselmax for inspiring me to allow users to save their notes and settings to the cloud.5. Thanks a ton to @billabobscratch for making an encoder/decoder! There is a 6th shoutout to @djpro for his Pen Text Engine in an upcoming feature! If you're still reading this, you're crazy. I used that to make the calculator app user friendly.9.

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I want to give another HUGE thanks to @Noroz for his Safe Chat (Pen) project.

Had I not seen that project I would not have been able to share my Chatt web chat project and app versions because it couldn't have filtered any words without his safe dictionary.3.

Credits~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. I just want to give a HUGE 'thank-you' to @N25Games for creating the project Fiber OS.

If I had not seen that I probably would not have made this project, and therefor would not have discovered how much I can teach myself.2.

may have been born with or developed cerebral palsy, fallen ill with an infection, or suffered a stroke or other traumatic brain injury that causes childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), a condition that occurs when the brain is unable to direct the necessary movements for speaking.

WDSD was first observed in 2006 in many countries around the world and Down Syndrome Association Singapore launched and hosted the World Down Syndrome Day website from 2006-2010, on behalf of Down Syndrome International, for global activities to be recorded.

•To set a reminder go to notes and click the alarm clock, then choose a time to be reminded, or type "logon" to be reminded when you next open Craft OS, then what the reminder will say. ~Start a message with /bypassfilter to ignore the chat filter. - Block-Calc by @jjvan •Press space to type an expression. *Type 5- =================================================IMPORTANT: Enabling developmental features is for people who want to see what I'm working on, but not everything will work properly.

- Chatt Mobile by @Crafter Master360 •Chat moderators can use the following commands: ~/delete followed by the message numbers to delete removes all specified messages. Also, this project was not made to support turbo mode, because some things will look jolted when they move,which would ruin the smooth feel Craft OS has.================================================= Known Bugs:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- The app icons still work after you click the stop sign.- If you switch to another internet tab in your web browser, the bubbles will stop moving and new ones will collect at the bottom over time.- Occasionally apps will not appear when you change app tabs too quickly.- Occasionally opening another app while one is opening causes all apps to close.- At first startup, in the music app the album cover for Animals covers the background of the dropdown toolbar.~ Please report any other bugs you find in the comments!

It currently only supports mail.- Fixed a bug where using a backslash ( \ ) character in notes orcontacts would split the note into 2 notes upon syncing.- The Notes app is now much more powerful and user-friendly,as it can now set reminders and export notes using the mailplugin, all at the push of a button.- I slowed down how long it takes for the internet icon to test ifyou are logged into a Scratch account that can use cloud data.- I found and fixed a bug in notes where if you replaced a noteyou could mess up the cloud sync feature with the backtick ( ` )character.- You can now add contacts to a list to make sending emailsmuch easier!

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