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it reminds me of Paul's admonition to the Corinthians in Chapter 14 verse 1: " you, like you just "find" a hole in the middle of the street when you fall in?

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There you have it, three ways you can pursue love and use the Key of Acceptance to develop deeper emotional intimacy in your relationships.

Most of all, remember to entrust your relationship to God.

If you put them into practice, I'm confident that you'll even find your pursuit for emotional intimacy and true love enjoyable.

There are keys that open just about every door on planet Earth.

In fact, a certain amount of independent thinking that leads to disagreements is healthy and normal.

(If disagreements are not happening, it generally means that communication is lacking because someone isn't being honest.) In light of this truth, developing intimacy means that we have learned the art of disagreeing well while still sending the message: I love you even if we disagree.You may have heard it said that the shortest distance between two hearts is laughter.If you want to develop intimacy with someone special, it doesn't hurt to find your funny bone if they have found theirs. It will make your friend feel like a genius of humor and it will add an element of joy to your relationship that everyone needs.I'll still accept you if you don't accept all of my ideas.I am glad that you can share your viewpoints with me and I am not threatened by our differences, and no matter what, you'll still be my friend.I remember the first time someone cried with me when my heart was broken. When we can cry with another person, and they can cry with us without feeling judged, a deeper intimacy develops. True, intimacy can only be developed when we are willing to accept another person just as they are.

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