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In the books, Carole and Lisa go to Willow Creek Junior High School together and Carole and Stevie are the same age.in the "Pine Hollow" series Carole goes to Willow Creek High School with Lisa. Stevie dropped her given name, Stephanie, and has always been a tomboy.

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In "Itchy", Carole thought that she was allergic to horses, but after a visit to the doctor it was revealed that she is allergic to camels as the saddle blanket that her father sent her is made out of camel hair.

When Carole suggests naming Samson after "Samson and Delilah", it was a hinted indication that Carole is a Christian.

Now being uncomfortable with the activities other girls of her age do, but at the same time getting tired of being "one of the boys", one thing remains: her love of horses.

Stevie is the unsinkable unstoppable clown and prankster of the Saddle Club.

Stevie's parents, George and Catherine, are both lawyers with hectic schedules.

They both worked hard for everything they achieved and are determined to instill a solid work ethic in their children; they agreed to pay for one riding lesson a week, but also insisted that Stevie work at the barn in exchange for additional lessons.

Carole has little time for boys; therefore, she has never understood why anyone would prefer the company of a boy to that of a horse.

This is when the pressures of family, friends, school and competition cannot touch her.

Stevie practices practical jokes so much because her three brothers have driven her more sensitive side underground.

She does not think things through and will embark on some impetuous, hare-brained schemes, sucking Carole and Lisa into it on the way through, and when everything gets out of hand, it is her two friends who would have to bail everybody out of the mess.

Carole knows her future lies with horses, but there are many paths to follow and she does not know which road to take.

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