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She tensed and had what was unmistakably a very nice orgasm. His back tensed as I realized that he was filling her with his cum. His cock head was in front of my face, a little bead of precum pooling on the tip.I swallowed again and opened my mouth taking the head in my mouth. His cock began to slide in and disappear in me, now the weight of his body spread me apart."I make a mean cup of coffee." I agreed and he unlocked his door. She steadied herself and he slowly pushed down on her hips. I returned his kiss with a deep kiss feeling his hands slide all over my body. I was gasping for air as he kept gently touching my clit.

We came from Northern Wisconsin so it was quite a shock when Kevin's Company transferred him to Georgia. My head was spinning; it was like it wasn't really me.

We moved to a suburb outside Atlanta and found ourselves a small one-bedroom apartment in a very nice complex while we looked for a house we liked. I kept looking at his door and then at the movie to see what was going on, maybe I could just watch a minute of it then rewind it. I was getting really nervous but I couldn't bring myself to turn it off. I undid my bathrobe and let it fall to the floor next to his running clothes.

He tasted wet and salty as I cleaned off the combination of his and my illicit coupling.

It didn't take long for him to get hard and I concentrated on making him come again.

I looked up and his face was inches from mine and I knew he could feel the insides of my cunt contracting and sucking against his cock.

He kept sliding in and out fucking away and I kept coming.

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