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So, here are my 10 favourite psychological insights on internet dating.

It has been suggested a few times that there should be an”Online daters anonymous”group formed.

We should call it “On-Anon” There is absolutely no screening involved with online dating. If you don’t post a picture, you’d have a better chance at winning the lottery than VER getting noticed on an online dating site.

A tiny percentage of singles actually find someone for a long-term relationship.

The majority of singles recognize online dating can be hit and miss.

What remains is an online profile on the site; just a relic of someone existing at some point.

New users on the site message profiles to a person who has abandoned their profile.

Any woman whose the least bit attractive will be swarmed with emails ,winks, nudges and annoying messages to chat from the most incompatible men drawn to their profile only for their looks!

Over a period of time, these women begin to realize there’s a lot of frogs messaging them.

Do you have a professional photo of yourself, or is it an unflattering self photo of yourself standing in the bathroom?

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