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Josh Harris’ books are filled with wonderful and practical ideas and many examples of other couples who struggled with the same issues you struggle with.His writings help you to see how every expression of physical intimacy seeks consummation.It’s like a child waiting for a treat with terrible impatience.

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Everything I will suggest to you here, in terms of guidelines for you and your fiancé, you will see lived out in the lives of the two main characters of my book.

As you identify with their struggle, I’m sure you will find the ability in yourself to live out chastity in your own relationship.

I’ve heard from so many men and women who said it completely changed their outlook on life, faith, and romance, and helped them to have the fortitude it takes to live out chastity in their own lives.

That is the work of the Holy Spirit – but, beyond a doubt, the Holy Spirit has been working through the humble instrument of this novel to bring hearts to Jesus and in line with His teachings.

A couple committed to chastity will experience a great deal of frustration in waiting, if they repeatedly stir their passions. But, when a couple chooses to refrain from these ways of showing their love for each other – they often find it much easier to wait until marriage. Another area of caution is in fantasizing your future relationship. Some people feel they can justify sexual fantasy, because they are engaged or married.

Instead, I think you need to consider limitations to your expressions of affection now. They feel that it is alright to dwell on thoughts of being together because of the nature of their committed relationship. As a married couple, sexual fantasy that centres itself on your married love with your spouse (free of any thoughts of sexual sin) can be appropriate – but the danger of indulging in this type of sexual fantasy is that it can lead one to view his or her spouse as an object for selfish pleasure! Aside from the practical aspects of not stirring passions that will ultimately frustrate your decision to remain chaste, you are avoiding the sin of lustful desire. Indulging in those thoughts and allowing them to entertain you for pleasure is a sin!

And whatdoes for so many people is to help them see the reward that comes with living out a chaste courtship and engagement.

You’ll come away feeling like, “That’s what we want for ourselves and we’re not going to settle for anything less!

As such, it has been a very powerful source of inspiration for both men and women, young and old.

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