Absolutly free to chat to females looking for men for sex - Free two way webcamming

If you do this, you’ll see that you will attract a LOT of repeat customers and develop regulars soooo much faster and easier!!

Where you start camming is so important, it could actually tank your camgirl career if you choose poorly.

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When you chat in private, it’s a different experience for both model and member. It actually helps you to form a bond with premiums that you can’t really accomplish in free chat, and it can later lead to big tips and shows as your relationships with these premiums improve.

Charging even a microscopic amount for PM privileges will turnoff MOST members from trying to message you.

I thought I was just a really shitty camgirl that nobody wanted to come back to visit.

I eventually figured out that the reason my viewers from other sessions weren’t returning to see me on cam was because I wasn’t on when they were on! Viewers usually have routines and schedules, like everybody else, so they will usually have a certain time of day when they’re on cam sites.

One day, I would go on cam like at 10pm at night, then I would go on 3 days later at 2pm in the afternoon, and so forth.

Every camming session would be at a completely different time of day, and I noticed that none of the same viewers would ever reappear in my camroom.Probably the worst thing you can do to damage your webcam modeling career is to take long breaks from camming, especially after you’ve built up a decent amount of regular clients.I’ve seen so many girls do this, it makes me want to scream!There are a LOT of cam sites out there, but most of them SUCK. Most of the sucky ones suck not just for new models, but for more experienced models too.There are a few reasons for all the suck out there, but the main reason is just that most of the cam sites operating today have too little traffic to make it worth while, especially for a new model who has no existing fan army.I really encourage you all to share this post everywhere you can, because you’ll be helping a ton of newbies who would likely have no clue about any of this otherwise.

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